Reunion Unpaused

Reunion Unpaused

Who's coming as of 11/29/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Donna Ainsworth 1980
Patrick Barnes 1980
Amy Becker 1980
Irene Chase 1980
Michael Dapper 1980
Saul Davis 1980
Kevin Donovan 1980
Jill Drury 1980
Matthew Friedman 1980
Richard Glick 1980
Irwin Goldman 1980
Barbara Kennedy 1980
Richard (Knowlton) Knowlton 1980
Kaye Lundgren 1980
Virginia Morrison 1980
James Ochi Distinguished Citizen Award 1980 Patti Ochi
Kenneth Schwartz 1980
Susan (Ward) Sernau 1980
Clara Taylor 1980
Missy (Staples) Thompson 1980
Nancy (Wilson) Wilson Schlei 1980
Peter Zelles 1980

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